Pelmets add a finishing touch to window-dressing that gives a look of high-end luxury, while cleverly concealing the blind tracks. Whether as a finishing touch or a standalone home improvement with your new blinds.

Besides, the lines of a nice wooden pelmet they are neat and inoffensive. They provide a blank canvas for the curtains to unfurl beneath

They allow you to express your own unique sense of style, but they also add beauty and elegance to a room in a way that traditional decor and wall hangings can’t. Pelmets are designed to conceal the curtain fittings at the top of a window, and they complement custom window treatments perfectly.



Motorise your Blinds, Curtains or shutters
Live in comfort, enjoy the elegance!
Centralise control of your projection screen, blinds and lighting!
You can use the same remote control to operate all your equipment.
Define your life style!
Discover our solutions for your windows.

Automated window fashions are intended for attractiveness and convenience, while new motors are getting quieter than ever–with even better battery endurance.  You can rest easy, and quietly, knowing that they will not disturb your day.  No more cranks or pull chains, today’s quieter motors move your blinds or shades without the hassle.  In fact, your motor will be out of sight, so it won’t be heard or seen.

Plug In Electric Blinds

If you have a plug socket located close to the windows that you would like to dress, you can opt to have the electric blinds plugged in via a DC adaptor. The wires can then be run neatly along the wall into the blinds fascia or bracket for a neat finish. This is an easy option to set up with minimal cost, but the plug socket will need to be located nearby to ensure the wires don’t need to be run too far. The running costs with this option are very low.

Battery Powered Blinds

If you are installing electric blinds to  hard to reach windows, battery powered blinds are a fantastic option. There is no need to install a plug socket nearby or run any new wiring. You also avoid having any unsightly wires running along the walls. All of our battery powered electric blinds use standard alkaline D cell batteries and the small motorised system is so efficient that the batteries can last  years based on an average use. The batteries sit within the barrel of the roller blind itself, creating a neat and tidy finish. There are also many different styles of wireless motorised blinds to choose from so you are bound to find one that suits your home.

Hardwired Electric Blinds

Hardwired electric blinds run off your home’s mains power supply. If you don’t have a main plug socket located near to the windows a new fused spur can be wired in specifically for the blinds. This takes a bit more effort to set up and a qualified electrician would be required to carry out the work, but this is a great option for the long term or if you are fitting the blinds into a new build home, extension or renovation. Running costs are minimal and all of the wiring is hidden from view.


You are greeted each day to the rising sun by setting your bedroom shades with intuitive home automation applications for your phone or tablet.  Many of the new motors are warrantied for 5 years and built with a 10+ year lifespan, while the battery lifespan has increased to 12 months or more in many applications.


Without cords, these window treatments are beautiful and safe.  You won’t have to worry about children or pets getting tangled strings, and your décor


You love your vaulted ceilings, but perhaps that skylight could use a little sprucing up.  A motorised operating system with a custom blind is a simple solution for skylights, tall windows, and other hard to reach treatments!


Steel Chain & Plastic Chain

A Steel chain with all rollers is optional, not recommended for coastal area’s, all our Eclipse-Zebra blinds come standard with a steel chain.

Plastic chains are practical long lasting and come in Black White and Brown.


We have single roller blind cassettes that come with a matching fabric face, these are fantastic to keep your blinds dust free and clean, They help to prolong the life of your blinds.

Hold down Brackets are available on request for your venetian blinds, great for glass inlayed doors

Side Guide Wire and Side Channels, gives you more sturdiness in windy area’s and side channels are great for total light blockout.

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