Basswood 50mm Venetian Blinds

Basswood blinds brings a natural beauty, texture and colour into any room, nothing beats the look and feel that the basswood blind brings even to an office, with the luxurious atmosphere and an elegance that cannot be attained with other forms of blinds,. Basswood blinds capture nature’s beauty and Enhances a rooms coziest qualities while giving windows a centre stage status with easy to manage tilting for light and view.
We offer a 3 year warranty on all basswood blinds

  • Diamond Coated Super White 01
  • Diamond Coated Natural 05
  • Diamond Coated Light Maple 07
  • Diamond Coated Natural Cherry 19
  • Diamond Coated Dark Cherry Wood 28
  • Diamond Coated Statesman Oak 15
  • Diamond Coated Meranti Cherry 29
  • Diamond Coated Dark Roast 18
  • Diamond Coated Vintage Mahogany 24
  • Diamond Coated Ebony Mahogany 27
  • Diamond Coated Stone
  • York Range Nougat
  • York Range Corn Silk
  • York Range Ash Grey
  • York Range Black Coral
  • White Wash Ash
  • White Wash Sand
  • Modena Almond Ash
  • Modena French Beige
  • Modena Vanilla Stone
  • Modena Tuscan Fade
  • Modena Dusty Midnight
  • Modena Coconut Musk
  • Modena Coffee Haze
  • Ecoplas Pure White
  • Ecoplas Star White
  • Ecoplas Frosted Stone
  • Ecoplas Mist
  • Ecoplas Grey Steel


Luxury Wooden Blinds

Our collection of luxury grade, premium basswood venetian blinds gives you the choice of popular tints, stains and beautiful textured grain finishes. . In summer you can keep your blinds open to allow in the light and sunshine, while in winter they insulate your home keeping it cozy.

Wooden blinds provide a wide range of option. So, whether you desire a light, natural look for the lounge or a darker, more classic look for your library, the choices are endless. The choice of grains and stains allows you to fully personalize your blinds to any taste and décor. Basswood Blinds are luxury line of Venetian blinds, a perfect way to add a touch of character, warmth, and texture to your décor. Wooden blinds form a beautiful and practical addition to your home or office.

Décor Looks and Feel

With a wide range of designs to suit any style, from contemporary to classic, wooden blinds are the ideal complement to any décor. Plain white rooms can often make a room look big and open as well as making it feel warm and inviting. Darker colours, like a dark mahogany, not only absorb more heat but feel more comfortable for a lounge or study, a man cave or den.


This popular blind type offers a modish tidy look with the choice of maximum privacy when all slats are closed. Venetian blinds allows for easy control on how much natural light enters the room. With a control cord you can not only open them fully but adjust to the light you want and the view that suite you.

Additional information

Ranges: Basswood, Ecoplaswood, Fauxwood, Plaswood

Diamond Coated Super White 01, Diamond Coated Natural 05, Diamond Coated Light Maple 07, Diamond Coated Natural Cherry 19, Diamond Coated Dark Cherry Wood 28, Diamond Coated Statesman Oak 15, Diamond Coated Meranti Cherry 29, Diamond Coated Dark Roast 18, Diamond Coated Vintage Mahogany 24, Diamond Coated Ebony Mahogany 27, Diamond Coated Stone, York Range Nougat, York Range Corn Silk, York Range Ash Grey, York Range Coco Blush, York Range Black Coral, White Wash Ash, White Wash Sand, Modena Almond Ash, Modena French Beige, Modena Vanilla Stone, Modena Tuscan Fade, Modena Dusty Midnight, Modena Coconut Musk, Modena Coffee Haze, Ecoplas Pure White, Ecoplas Star White, Ecoplas Frosted Stone, Ecoplas Mist, Ecoplas Grey Steel

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