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Panel Blinds


Ideal for large openings and dramatic statements. Panel blinds are a new tool in the Designers arsenal to create and deliver interiors that shout and impress.
Effective for controlling lights and glare and provide privacy and protection from the sun.

Sizes of the panels are from 40cm to 120cm glide on a special aluminium track. Stacking one behind the other, these panels can be made up of almost any fabric, including woven wood.

The panels be made to suit your requirements by combining a few fabrics with the help of wooden accents or by alternating fabrics of your choice.

We have a wide range of blockouts, translucent and patterned fabrics available.


Rich Luxury

Classic, Stylish and Blockout

(panels will stack on both left and right).

These blinds are a perfect floor-to-ceiling solution for:
1. Over-sized windows,
2. Large patio doors,
3. Sliding glass doors, stacking doors
4. A totally unique room partition.
Designed to look amazing on large windows or room partition, these blinds are perfect for both modern and traditional homes and offers a modern twist on mundane window coverings.

The Sliding Panel System is an elegant and bold shading solution with a simple side-to-side operation.
To operate, you simply walk the panels to the side using the wand or motorised and controlled with a touch of a button. The panels are designed to overlap one allowing control over the amount of light that enters the room, while radiating maximum style.
To control light, reduce glare, increase privacy and make a décor statement simply slide the panels to the required position. While these blinds are elegant and bold they make a décor statement of rich luxury. The Sliding Panel Blind will transform the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance. Panel blinds are both innovative and versatile.

Our range of stylish blockout fabrics is ideal for bedrooms, luxury home theatres, or any room with large windows or patios that requires protection from the sun.

Our Sheerweave help protect your furniture from harmful UV rays and have been used successfully in some of the best homes and offices.

*15 to 21 days manufacturing before installation

* Note: Panels overlap and panel width is based on opening.

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All Bamboo, Most Roller

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