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Bistro – Cafe – Patio – Balcony – Alfresco Blinds


Patio blinds or bistro blinds are outdoor blinds that offer crisp, clear views without sacrificing protection. Our outdoor blinds provide noticeably better optical clarity, strength and durability.

Modern, practical and cost effective to enclose and entertainment area. With a choice in colours to match your patio bistro theme.


Bistro – Cafe – Patio – Balcony – Alfresco Blinds

If your home boasts a patio, alfresco or outdoor area that you absolutely love – it extends your living space and creates the perfect light, bright atmosphere. When you feeling miserable when winter looms around because your forced to shut off the outdoors from your home and can’t access the patio due to cold wet and windy weather now with outdoor blinds it becomes a more usable area.

Café blinds (also known as bistro blinds, alfresco blinds, patio blinds, or pergola blinds) are blinds that border your patio or alfresco space. These outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for creating an enclosed all-weather outdoor sitting area.

Without a doubt, the right café blinds can save your space from being unusable for a season and can actually prove to be the coziest living area for family and guests, all year!

The operation options available including guide wire, side channels or gear and crank handle as well as our favorite motorised.

Side channels are tailor-made, slotted side tracks which make moving your blinds up and down very seamless and easy. These blinds stop at any position along the track and can also lock securely in place without flapping with wind movement

A favourite outdoor blind solution for decades, the classic-style café blind is a cost-effective way to provide privacy and protection from the elements, helping you make the most of your outdoor space.

All blinds come with hold down brackets to secure the blinds in windy conditions.

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