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Printed Blinds

Printed Blinds can feature almost any printed image in full colour on very high quality blind material that is durable, hangs well and is easy to clean. Blinds are custom made to fit and with you requirements.
Do a photo collage as a gift or Office logo for your reception door or window. If you have a good pixeled image and licensed to use it or own it we can print it.
Panel, Roller and Vertical blinds are best suited for printing


Printed Blinds can come in many of the standard traditional blind types such as venetian or roller. Printed Blinds are custom printed to reflect your chosen design and once installed create an artwork effect on your window

Printed blinds are completely customisable, enabling customers to print their own designs onto their blinds. Printed blinds are a great way to promote a business in the office, create a soothing environment in healthcare facilities, or have images of your children in the family home. Roller blinds and panel blinds are the best kind of blinds to print on, as they are flat and vertical, so the image won’t be distorted when open or shut

Why get printed blinds?
Choosing prints that suit your style and individuality will help you make your home your own. You can transform plain, minimalistic room into a colourful area which automatically lifts your mood when you enter – no design is too bold or adventurous for your home. Here are a few examples of what you could do with some new printed blinds:

1) For smaller rooms with little wall space, a printed blind may bring an extra bit of personality to the room. With limited decor options, you could add family photos or matching designs onto your blinds to spruce up an otherwise small and dull room.

2) Many people opt for the blackout blinds in the bedroom, so no light can enter whilst you sleep. This does not have to mean compromising on style, as you can have different designs and personal photographs printed onto blackout blinds – allowing you to achieve a bright and fresh look within a bedroom.

3) As with all our products, we provide a stunning finish on high quality materials. The best fabric to print designs onto are PVC blinds – which is helpful if you want to put the blinds in the kitchen or bathroom.

4) The easy-to-clean element of these blinds also make them desirable for homes with young children. For children’s rooms, you may be interested in our new range of prints which include everything from Mickey Mouse to Marvel, which will give children a chance to get involved with the decoration process.

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