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  • Red venetian blind
  • Brown Venetian blind
  • White Eclipse blind

Aluminium 50mm Venetian Blinds

50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds can come with a valance/pelmet and are very versatile, affordable and offer a contemporary streamlined interior finish complimenting almost any décor requirement. The slats are tilted by means of a cord system and thus regulate the heat, light and privacy

  • Plain Antique Bronze 21164
  • Plain Star Gun Metal 097
  • Plain Satin Onyx 789
  • Plain Satin Stainless 113
  • Plain Satin Aluminium 431
  • Plain Satin Silver 423
  • Plain Taupe 013
  • Plain Pinotage 012
  • Plain Honey Nut 910
  • Plain Satin Plat Gold 907
  • Plain Satin Gold 788
  • Plain Star Bronze 492
  • Plain Black 048
  • Plain Magnolia 835
  • Plain Snowfall 110
  • Perforated Black 048P
  • Perforated Silver 423P
  • Perforated Magnolia 835P
  • Perforated Snowfall 110P
  • Crystal Black 4461
  • Crystal Onyx 4987
  • Crystal Silver 4324
  • Crystal Bronze 4294
  • Crystal Sapphire 4297
  • Crystal Copper 4221
  • Brushed Star Black 5161
  • Brushed Grey Aluminium 5987
  • Brushed Satin Stainless 5113
  • Brushed Silver 8230
  • Brushed Honey Nut 5910
  • Brushed Satin Plat Gold 5907
  • Brushed Cinnamon 5430
  • Brushed Sand Dune 5230
  • Brushed Linen 5072
  • Brushed Snowfall 5011
  • Wood Grain Natural 884453
  • Wood Grain Maple 884461
  • Wood Grain Golden Oak 884454
  • Wood Grain Cherry 882189
  • Wood Grain Dk. Cherry 884462
  • Wood Grain Walnut 884494
  • Wood Grain Chunky Walnut 884498
  • Wood Grain Mahogany 887124


Trendy Arty Decor

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Venetian Aluminum blinds are not only affordable, they offer a modern contemporary look and style that complements any interior whether it be chic, chrome or a vintage and wood, the stylish colours and themes we offer the Venetian blind is a contemporary streamline interior décor finish and has a tilting system to regulate the heat and light, angle the blinds so you can see out – but others can’t see in.

We have the perforated slats while tilted closed you have the outside views while simultaneously filtering light although the outside also has a view of inside with this option. Wood looks offer the warmth and harmony that antiques have yet modern and stylish.

Control the light that enters a room, your privacy and your view with chic, durable aluminum Venetian blinds. The blinds can also be raised completely to leave the window area clear.

Look options are: metallic, brushed matt a grain wood and a plain or high gloss.


Venetian blinds can be motorised with various motors, offering ‘tilt and lift’ or ‘tilt only’, which are controlled by selected remotes or wall mounted switches these can be put onto a wifi system as well as your smart home and be operated with your mobile devices.


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Plain Antique Bronze 21164, Plain Star Gun Metal 097, Plain Satin Onyx 789, Plain Satin Stainless 113, Plain Satin Aluminium 431, Plain Satin Silver 423, Plain Taupe 013, Plain Pinotage 012, Plain Honey Nut 910, Plain Satin Plat Gold 907, Plain Satin Gold 788, Plain Star Bronze 492, Plain Black 048, Plain Magnolia 835, Plain Snowfall 110, Perforated Black 048P, Perforated Silver 423P, Perforated Magnolia 835P, Perforated Snowfall 110P, Shimmer Granite 9771, Shimmer Pearl 9770, Crystal Black 4461, Crystal Onyx 4987, Crystal Silver 4324, Crystal Bronze 4294, Crystal Sapphire 4297, Crystal Copper 4221, Brushed Star Black 5161, Brushed Grey Aluminium 5987, Brushed Satin Stainless 5113, Brushed Stainless 8231, Brushed Silver 8230, Brushed Honey Nut 5910, Brushed Satin Plat Gold 5907, Brushed Cinnamon 5430, Brushed Sand Dune 5230, Brushed Linen 5072, Brushed Snowfall 5011, Brushed Anodised Bronze 21164, Wood Grain White Birch 881240, Wood Grain Natural 884453, Wood Grain Maple 884461, Wood Grain Golden Oak 884454, Wood Grain Cherry 882189, Wood Grain Dk. Cherry 884462, Wood Grain Walnut 884494, Wood Grain Chunky Walnut 884498, Wood Grain Mahogany 887124

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