The Roller Blind is elegant simple, stylish and practical window covering with a smooth and simple operation, even on the largest windows. The blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading and light required. An extensive wide range of fabrics and textures ensures a match for any décor, whether it is one of our urban designs for your living room or a blockout fabric for the bedroom even the light filtering and screen fabrics, and optional decorative pelmets to suit your needs. 


The standard operational manual chain system can set the blind to any height position on the window or we have various motorisation and remote control specifications available based on specific customer requirements. 

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Screen Roller Blinds are as beautiful as they are practical. The woven fabrics allow a view to the outside while effectively controlling heat and glare. Enjoy the sheer elegance of the sheerweave roller blinds with the technology light filtering and solar heat control while revolutionising all rooms and offices,  this is an in and outdoor practicality and suitable for damp areas as well like your kitchen, bathroom and on your patio.


Max Width: 2400mm (dependant on fabric widths)

Max Length: 2800mm (fabric and weight limitations may apply)

Privacy: Day: Views & privacy | Night: No privacy

Light Control: Diffused light, select from various fabrics and fabric openness’ to allow for the correct light control.

Operation: Plastic or steel chain mechanism| 220V Motor | Battery Motor

Cleaning: Fabric can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.

Suitable for: Areas where sun and glare control is required while maintaining views..



A Blockout Roller Blind is perfect for any area where you require full light or privacy and temperature control. Available in a wide range of colours and texture,with or without a pelmet or cassette these blinds are a great choice. The Blockout Roller Blind features durable practicality with decorative style.


Max Width: 3000mm (dependant on fabric widths)

Max Length: 3000mm (fabric and weight limitations may apply)

Privacy: Full privacy when down.

Light Control: Full light blockout

Operation: Plastic or steel chain mechanism | 220V Motor | Battery Motor Cleaning: Dependant on fabric, refer to specific fabric cleaning instructions.

Suitable for: Areas where full light blockout or privacy is required The Roller blind is a practical hard working product suitable for decorative and hardworking windows. 



Bamboo Blinds brings natural nature and outdoor textures into the home. Made from bamboo, rattan, jute, grass and reeds, our roller-style Bamboo blinds are carefully constructed a stylishly blend of  both traditional and modern decors while gently filtering the light into your room, creating a calm and soothing ambience, our bamboo blinds have eco-friendly properties and provide insulation against the summer’s heat and winter’s cold. These two factors alone make these window treatments a practical choice.


Max Width: 2400mm

Max Length: 3000mm

Privacy: Day: Views & privacy | Night: No privacy

Light Control: Diffused light

Operation: Cord Roll Up

Cleaning: Fabric can be dusted and can be wiped with a sparingly damp cloth.


Suitable for: Most windows, Bamboo is a hard wearing product. Bamboo material adds natural texture. 


ECLIPSE BLINDS  – Zebra Blinds or Vision 

The latest addition of Eclipse Blinds have a unique style. This innovative new window blind features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric, a single control allows the front layer to move independently of the back so that the stripes glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control. Like a traditional roller blind, it can be operated fully up or fully down or motorised.


Max Width: 2600mm

Max Length: 2600mm

Privacy: Easily adjustable in any position between view and privacy settings.

Light Control: Adjustable | Diffused light.

Operation: Plastic or steel chain mechanism | 220V Motor | Battery Motor

Cleaning: Should be vacuumed and dusted.


Suitable for: Picture Windows for a striking visual presence and a mix of views and privacy. 

Double-Roller cassette



With this unique system you control where the blockout stops over the shadeweave you can block the hard sun raise without compromising your view.  A perfect finish to complement your decor

The Double Roller blind is quality blinds that provide you with versatile privacy and total light control. This blinds works on two independently operated layers of fabric. The one blind will be blockout and the other blind a shadeweave.

The Shadeweave is for daytime it gives you privacy and fights harsh UV rays letting in natural light while you have a full view of the outdoors. The Blockout is for night and to darken your room and give you total privacy.

 Brackets can be hidden from view in the overhead pelmet in a wide range of colours with a simple raise/lower chain on each side or both on 1 side

Or we can offer the Day/Night double roller in a cassette this hiding the headrails from view, making them an even more  pleasing option and one which would complement any home with style, elegance and practicality.

Cassettes are available in White with a matched fabric in the front cover. Perfect for the following area’s Lounge, TV Rooms, Bedrooms and Office Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms

Roller pelmet